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Must be logged into the Gmail account of AYSO in order to use these groups.

Below Are Group E-mail Names you can use only in gmail to send.  You must use the email address to send to them.

For example, ddboys@aysoegion4.com will only be the boys division directors.
If you use DD@aysoregion4.com then both the boys and girls will be sent.

The groups are determined by the volunteers in the Contacts page sections.

  • 1 - 8
Name Email address Type
Administrators admin@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
Coach Commission coachcommission@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
Commissioners commish@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
Division Directors dd@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
DDboys ddboys@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
DDgirls ddgirls@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
Directors director@aysoregion4.com Team (domain)
Everyone everyone@aysoregion4.com Team (Internet)


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