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Referee Scheduling

Referee Scheduling


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Scheduling Website

Referee game scheduling for Region 4 is handled at https://www.arbitersports.com/front/100999/Site/PageContent/Home.

You must receive a confirmation email with a login name to register. This will be sent to you by Arbiter, once your name is entered by the Regional Referee Commission staff. If you have not received a confirmation email with your login credentials, please contact the Regionís Referee Administrator, Anna Winningham (awinningham@aysoregion4.com).

NOTE: You cannot schedule games without a being a registered AYSO volunteer for 2013 (eayso.org). The Referee Commission is NOT automatically notified when a volunteer registers.

In addition to being a registered volunteer, you must have certifications for the following:

1.     AYSO Regional Referee or higher

2.     AYSO Safe Haven Training (online training @aysotraining.org)

3.     AYSO Safe Haven Concussion Awareness Training (online training @aysotraining.org)

 If you cannot see games, please verify that you have turned your volunteer forms in and send Anna Winningham an email (please include your AYSO ID# as this is a great help in locating your records).

If you need to have your forms turned in, please contact Nicola Bond at nbond@aysoregion4.com to arrange this. (See the Region 4 web site for more info.)

Schedule Issues

The most common problem that people experience is not being able to see available games. Click on "SCHEDULE" in the upper left column on this page, then click on "SELF ASSIGN." Remember to change the "date" settings and "sport/level" for the date and division you wish to referee then click on "search." You should see all available games for your level of certification.

Another potential issue is your contact information. Arbiter uses your home address and zip code to view available games. This information is private and cannot be seen by other users.

If you made a mistake or need to make a change to a game or cancel a game you have selected, email our scheduler, Leslie Cravitz (lcravitz@aysoregion4.com) your request immediately.

Since the game schedule is set by 7:00 pm on Friday evenings, please contact Anna Winningham before then, so that the schedules are as set as can be for the following morning.

If you are still looking for games, check back frequently to ArbiterSports.com. Schedule changes for occur every day; causing games slots to open up and open games to get filled. However, please do not self-assign for Saturday morning after 7 pm Friday night. If you would like to take a slot that appears to be open after this time, contact Anna Winningham to inquire if the referee slot has been filled.



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