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For boys and girls aged 4 – 18 years old (birth dates 08/01/1996 to 07/31/2011)

Willow Elementary School (multi-purpose room)

29026 Laro Drive, Agoura Hills

Saturday, May 2, 2015

9 am – 2:00 pm




registration with discounts: 1st Child-$145; 2nd Child-$135; 3rd Child-$125; 4th+ Child $100



Saturday, May 9, 2015

9 am – 12:00 pm



Registration: $170 per player- no discounts



What you need to register a player(s): Pre-Register starting March 1, 2015

Please Note: blank registration forms and computers are not available at registration

. Do Not Wait Until Registration Day to print out forms – Pre-register Early!! For help email or If you do not have a computer, use a neighbor’s or go to the library!!



Two (2) copies of each player’s completed pre-registration form PLEASE REMEMBER TO ESIGN YOUR FORMS ONLINE!!!!!



Go to, login and complete your pre-registration form online, and PRINT TWO COPIES

. Bring them with you on Registration Day!



If paying by check, please make check payable to AYSO Region 4



We now accept credit cards



Birth certificate - New players only (a new player is one who did not play in the Region 4 2014 Season)



Evaluation: New players to Region 4 in U10 and above will be evaluated at registration. Wear running or soccer shoes.




Mandatory Coach Meeting: July 18, 2015



First Practice: August 3, 2015



Opening Day: August 29, 2015




Check the website for additional registration and contact information



Call (866) 588-2976 for help with eAYSO or send email to





Fall Season General Program Outline

The Fall Season of  AYSO Region 4 is the main focus of the organization. The Fall Season is also known as the Primary Season or Core Season. The Fall Season runs each year from mid-August to late October or early November, depending on yearly calendar dates and scheduling for field conflicts, holidays and other community events. Participation in the Fall Season is a prerequisite for all Secondary Season programs with the exception of the Spring Development League.

Area AYSO Region 4 typically registers over 2,000 players for the Fall Season and places them on approximately  180-200 teams. Players are placed in age divisions U5, U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 (U stands for Under that age. For example: U12 means children that are under 12 years of age as of July 31 of the year in which the fall season begins.) 

Children between the ages of 4 and 18 can join AYSO on gender specific teams based on the AYSO Age Guide for the current Membership Year. Each team has a registered VOLUNTEER coach that is or must become age-appropriate certified. Coach Certification is provided free of charge by AYSO. Some levels of Coaching Certification may involve travel and multiple day classes (see more info in the Coach Resource page).

Teams participate in a ten game season where fun and player development are the primary focus. In competitive divisions (defined as U10-U19) team wins and losses are recorded. Teams in the U10-U14 Divisions have the opportunity to participate in a Playoff Tournament provided the team has met the volunteer/referee point requirement. Teams in the U14 ¡V U19 Divisions may experience significant travel during the Fall Season; all players in divisions U5-U12 shall play all their matches in  the surrounding communities of: AGOURA, AGOURA HILLS, CALABASAS, LAKE SHERWOOD, NORTH RANCH, OAK PARK, WESTLAKE VILLAGE

Registration for the Fall Season generally begins in March online prior to the season. Early registration discounts are available on our 1st Pre-Registration date. Based on the amount and pace of registrations and the availability and interest of certified and/or trainable VOLUNTEER coaches divisions may be closed at any time to maintain adherence to AYSO team size guidelines.

Coach Selection

Persons interested in coaching a Fall Season team must complete a Volunteer Registration Form indicating the desire to coach, complete AYSO Safe Haven training and have age-appropriate coaching certifications or attend trainings to obtain said certifications. Unfortunately, desire to coach a Fall Season team does not guarantee placement as a coach. All coaching applicants, whether new or returning, are reviewed by the appropriate Division Coordinator, the Regional Coach Administrator, Regional Referee Administrator, Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate and Regional Commissioner. Approval of a coaching applicant is based on many criteria including but not limited to AYSO Safe Haven background check, coaching and referee certification level, field reputation, sportsmanship and disciplinary history, compliance with Area AYSO Region 4, Area 1N, Section 1, and AYSO National Guidelines, Policy Statements and adherence and support of AYSO Philosophies. Generally Pass Area AYSO Region 4 is willing to give coaches an opportunity to become more educated and develop a coaching style; however, all coaches should be aware that the prime objective of Area AYSO Region 4 is for players to have fun and develop their skills as an individual and a teammate. Coaches that lose sight of the primary goals of fun and development as a result of an excessive desire to win will be mentored and in extreme cases can be asked not to return to the coaching ranks.

Assistant Coaches, Requests and Retention

Many an AYSO coach began his/her coaching career as an Assistant. Being an Assistant Coach provides a perfect avenue for learning the game of soccer and developing a coaching style. Coaches should select an Assistant Coach that is dependable, willing to learn and above all interested in providing the players with an enjoyable sporting experience. It is the desire of Area AYSO Region 4 that Assistant Coaches be developed in hopes that they eventually become Head Coaches.

AYSO National Guidelines strictly forbid player retention and/or team building by strategic placement or year-over-year retention of Assistant Coaches (and by extension his/her son/daughter). Area AYSO Region 4 does sometimes place parent coaches together; however, this is generally avoided unless there is a significant underlying reason. The bar for what constitutes necessity has been raised considerably over recent years because, regrettably, claims of necessity historically have been and continue to be the most abused.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Parents and Players should be aware that attempts to circumvent this policy is a direct violation of the AYSO Philosophy of Balanced Teams and can be grounds for Volunteer disciplinary action.

Player Placement

Players are placed on Fall Season rosters based on the AYSO Philosophy of Balanced Teams. Each year coaches are asked to provide detailed evaluations of players in order to accurately balance teams the next season. Coach-generated evaluations are the cornerstone of team balancing. Inaccurate and/or careless evaluations can have far-reaching effects and often lead to player, parent and volunteer frustration and disappointment. Additionally, all evaluations are confidential and coaches should not share or discuss their evaluations with players or parents. Other variables that can affect player placement are factors such as Spring Select experience, positional expertise (goalkeepers) and historic volunteer support by parents.

Parents and volunteers should understand that no system for player placement is perfect and despite best efforts of volunteer regional staff there are always teams that experience more match day success than others. All AYSO regions strive to improve balancing each year and indeed no other board responsibility demands as many volunteer man-hours as team formation and balancing.

Additional Notes on Requests

Except as noted below requests in competitive divisions (U10-U19) shall not be considered.

In non-competitive divisions (U6-U8) Pass AYSO Region 4 will consider requests but there is no guarantee that a request will be granted. All requests will be reviewed for validity. Parents, players and coaches should be aware that the following requests are typically not granted:

  • Transportation related requests
  • Played another sport together
  • Coach specific requests ("I want to play for¡K¡¨)
  • Practice field location
  • Practice time or day


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