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Referee Information


Referee Information


For Referee Clinic Information, click here

Youth Referee Information is at the bottom of this page.

All volunteers must complete a new volunteer form every year:

visit www.aysoregion4.org for details

New volunteer forms can be signed off at any regional clinic or board meeting.

Referee Game Scheduling Software Arbitersports.com

Referee game scheduling is handled at
arbitersports.com. You must receive a confirmation email with a login name to register.

Please contact the Referee Administrator, Anna Winningham (awinningham@aysoregion4.com) for assistance with your registration.

NOTE: You cannot schedule games without registering as a 2013 AYSO volunteer, and completing Save Haven and Concussion Awareness Training (@aysotraining.org). Please make sure these have been completed before contacting Anna Winningham about your ArbiterSports.com access.

If you would like to be mentored or observed to improve your referee game, contact Tim Weaver (tweaver@aysoregion4.com)

Region 4 does not allow youth referees younger than

15 years of age to referee U6-U7-U8 games.

Please contact the Regional Referee Administrator from the contact page if you have any further questions

See Documents to download sample card

Front Game Card- PDF VERSION

Rear Game Card-PDF VERSION-- not available at this time

ALL Volunteers, Returning and New, MUST register online www.eayso.com as a volunteer. Print two (2) copies and bring them to any clinic or board meeting, along with your driver's license (or other photo ID) to complete the 2013 referee registration process


Laws of the Game


2013 AYSO SUMMARY OF THE LAW CHANGES- Link by clicking


Laws of the Game

Click on Picture for document

Description: http://www.aysoregion4.com/images/images/1/0/screen_shot_2012-09-04_at_2.59.01_pm.png

Click on the book to view

Reglas de Juego

Haga clic en la foto para el documento

Description: http://www.aysoregion4.com/images/images/1/0/screen_shot_2012-09-04_at_2.59.01_pm.png

Haga clic en el libro para ver

What is a PRO Referee?

PRO stands for Player Referee Organization. It is the standard name given to AYSO Referee programs geared towards kids 18 years old and younger. Anyone is welcome to become a youth referee. AYSO youth referees are also soccer players and therefore the program is named Player Referee Organization. National guidelines state that kids 12 years old and older can become certified Regional Referees, although the minimum age in Region 4 is 15 years old to officiate U6, U7 or U8 games.

For more information, contact the Regional PRO-Youth Referee Representative, Trevor Marrone (tmarrone@aysoregion4.com) or Stephen Marrone (smarrone@aysoregion4.com)

Reminder: The Region has a zero tolerance policy for referee abuse, and will not tolerate any abuse of our youth volunteers. Please contact the Regional Referee Administrator, Anna Winningham (awinningham@aysoregion4.com) if you need assistance with this or any other referee question.




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