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Safety Director - Medical/Insurance Kimberly Pennington
Please note that forms are not posted on this website.  You must contact the Safety director in order to obtain all forms.  This policy is set to make sure all incidents have been recorded for Region 4 properly.  


When a player is injured (at practice or during a game) and a subsequent visit to the doctor is required, an incident report must be completed.  This form should be prepared by the Coach, AYSO Official or other AYSO Volunteer.   In addition, when a player experiences an injury that requires the care of a physician, or a visit to an emergency care facility, parents must complete the AYSO Participant Release Form prior to the player resuming play.  Finally, if an injury results in an insurance claim, AYSO National offers a secondary insurance plan (Soccer Accident Insurance – SAI) to offset out-of-pocket expenses.  Once completed, these forms must be submitted to Kimberly for processing through our National office.  Our region’s Safety Director is here to assist coaches and parents through this process quickly and efficiently.  


Kimberly Pennington

Regional Safety Director

AYSO Region 4





The same rules and commonsense apply to players taking part in practice sessions as for matches. In particular shin guards MUST be worn, as must appropriate clothing and shoes. There is no relaxation of the safety requirements concerning splints, casts, jewelry etc. Board Members are authorized to stop a practice session completely, or to require that a player cease participation. Persistent failure by a coach (or assistant coach) to follow AYSO guidelines is cause for his or her suspension or removal from the AYSO program.

Some fields have construction still progress (e.g. Sumac Elementary). Please do NOT enter the construction area - use a different entrance (e.g. on Eagleton Street for Sumac Elementary, instead of on Calmfield).

Only registered AYSO players of the same age group and gender as the team may participate in practices and scrimmages. AYSO requires that an adult of the same gender as the team MUST be present for the duration of every practice. Teams of more than 8 players require two adults to be present.

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