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September 2012
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
4371Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U5AtkinsBarber  
4372Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5BonoliAtkins  
4373Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 15Boys U5AtkinsHarris  
4374Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMAE Wright 13Boys U5KlopertAtkins  
4381Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 15Boys U5BarberSchwartz  
4382Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5HarrisBarber  
4383Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5BarberBonoli  
4390Sat, 09/08/20129:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5BonoliRooke  
4391Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U5SchwartzBonoli  
4398Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U5HarrisNehdar  
4399Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U5RookeHarris  
4405Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5KlopertMcCreary  
4406Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U5NehdarKlopert  
4407Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 12Boys U5KlopertRooke  
4411Sat, 09/08/20129:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U5LekoSirkus  
4412Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 1Boys U5McCrearyLeko  
4413Sat, 09/22/20129:00 AMAE Wright 12Boys U5LekoNehdar  
4414Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5RookeLeko  
4416Sat, 09/15/20128:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U5SirkusLove  
4417Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U5LoveMcCreary  
4418Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 13Boys U5NehdarLove  
4420Sat, 09/08/20129:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5SchwartzLove  
4421Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5McCrearySirkus  
4424Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 14Boys U5SirkusSchwartz  
4431Sat, 09/08/20129:00 AMAE Wright 10Girls U5BaldocchiSclafani  
4432Sat, 09/15/20128:00 AMAE Wright 13Girls U5LindasBaldocchi  
4433Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 9Girls U5BaldocchiMorrow  
4434Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMAE Wright 8Girls U5McFaddenBaldocchi  
4438Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 13Girls U5SclafaniLindas  
4439Sat, 09/15/20128:00 AMAE Wright 10Girls U5MorrowSclafani  
4441Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U5BethellSclafani  
4444Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 3Girls U5LindasMorrow  
4447Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 4Girls U5WoodyLindas  
4452Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U5ShurgotMorrow  
4453Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 4Girls U5McFaddenBethell  
4454Sat, 09/15/20128:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U5WoodyMcFadden  
4455Sat, 09/22/20129:00 AMAE Wright 7Girls U5McFaddenShurgot  
4456Sat, 09/22/20129:00 AMAE Wright 13Girls U5BethellWoody  
4457Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U5ShurgotBethell  
4458Sat, 09/08/20129:00 AMAE Wright 1Girls U5WoodyShurgot  
4471Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 15Boys U6AndrewsBookman  
4473Sat, 09/22/20129:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U6AndrewsGlynn  
4474Sat, 09/29/20128:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U6HaganAndrews  
4475Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6AndrewsHuber  
4481Sat, 09/15/20129:00 AMAE Wright 12Boys U6BookmanSpencer Miller  
4482Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U6OliverBookman  
4483Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMAE Wright 15Boys U6BookmanRuss  
4490Sat, 09/08/20128:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U6DobsonHagan  
4491Sat, 09/22/20128:00 AMAE Wright 1Boys U6HuberDobson  
4492Sat, 09/29/20129:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U6DobsonIpsen  
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