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October 2012
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
5350Sat, 10/27/201211:00 AMOaks ChristianBoys U14Newbury Park CCruz  
5351Sat, 10/20/20129:30 AMOaks ChristianBoys U14SanudersMoss  
5355Sat, 10/13/20129:30 AMOaks ChristianBoys U14CruzHasen  
5357Sat, 10/06/201212:30 PMValley ViewGirls U14SpeicherKlauber Red  
5359Sat, 10/20/20129:30 AMValley ViewGirls U14Klauber BlueKlauber Red  
5360Sun, 10/21/20129:30 AMValley ViewGirls U14Klauber RedBright  
5361Sat, 10/13/201212:30 PMValley ViewGirls U14WayneKlauber Red  
5362Sun, 10/21/20128:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14RaleSpeicher  
5363Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14McLaughlinRale  
5366Sat, 10/20/201212:30 PMValley ViewGirls U14RaleWayne  
5367Sat, 10/20/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14SpeicherMcLaughlin  
5368Sat, 10/13/20129:30 AMValley ViewGirls U14Klauber BlueSpeicher  
5369Sat, 10/27/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14SpeicherBright  
5371Sun, 10/21/201212:30 PMValley ViewGirls U14McLaughlinKlauber Blue  
5372Sat, 10/20/20128:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14BrightMcLaughlin  
5373Sat, 10/06/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14McLaughlinWayne  
5374Sat, 10/06/20129:30 AMValley ViewGirls U14Klauber BlueBright  
5375Sat, 10/27/20122:00 PMValley ViewGirls U14WayneKlauber Blue  
5377Sat, 10/27/201212:30 PMValley ViewGirls U14RaleKlauber Red  
5378Sat, 10/27/20129:30 AMValley ViewGirls U14McLaughlinKlauber Red  
5381Sat, 10/06/20122:00 PMValley ViewGirls U14WayneRale  
5384Sat, 10/13/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14RaleBright  
5386Sun, 10/21/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14SpeicherWayne  
5394Sat, 10/13/20129:15 AMWillow 1VIP BVIP BCojulun/Caputo  
5396Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMWillow 1VIP BVIP BSylvester/Roetman  
5397Sat, 10/20/20129:15 AMWillow 1VIP BHart/FernandezVIP B  
5398Sat, 10/06/20129:15 AMWillow 1VIP BVIP BSullivan/Haines  
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