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October 2012
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Conference Name Conference Name
5171Sat, 10/06/20121:00 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10WestRobertsWestTeague  
4730Sat, 10/06/20121:00 PMRussel Ranch 2Boys U7Boys U7TzourBoys U7Tolchinsky  
4638Sat, 10/06/20121:00 PMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7Boys U7HennesyBoys U7Bennett  
4667Sat, 10/06/20121:00 PMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7Boys U7EmmittBoys U7Findley  
5347Sat, 10/06/20122:00 PMDos VientosBoys U14Boys U14Newbury Park BBoys U14Newbury Park A  
5381Sat, 10/06/20122:00 PMValley ViewGirls U14Girls U14WayneGirls U14Rale  
5184Sat, 10/06/20122:15 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestGarciaWestHaines  
5100Sat, 10/06/20122:15 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthDodsNorthCimino  
5095Sun, 10/07/20128:00 AMBrookside 1Boys U10SouthLamyWestMichael  
5070Sun, 10/07/20128:00 AMBrookside 2Boys U10NorthBerlinerSouthJenkins  
5026Sun, 10/07/20128:00 AMBrookside 3Boys U10WestPerlWestPearl  
5115Sun, 10/07/20128:00 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10NorthChiNorthKoff  
5118Sun, 10/07/20128:00 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthFlaigNorthColeman  
5013Sun, 10/07/20129:15 AMBrookside 1Boys U10WestNikolajevicWestMatz  
5031Sun, 10/07/20129:15 AMBrookside 2Boys U10WestRitzWestPernin  
5060Sun, 10/07/20129:15 AMBrookside 3Boys U10SouthHaggartNorthCassar  
5178Sun, 10/07/20129:15 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestRaleWestGarcia  
5128Sun, 10/07/20129:15 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthRikerSouthSuwara  
5052Sun, 10/07/201210:30 AMBrookside 2Boys U10EastSlossonEastMacKinnon  
4977Sun, 10/07/201210:30 AMBrookside 3Boys U10NorthSternNorthBradley  
5161Sun, 10/07/201210:30 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestHainesWestWilliams  
5165Sun, 10/07/201210:30 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10WestGilbertWestTeague  
4992Sun, 10/07/201211:45 AMBrookside 1Boys U10SouthFernandezSouthGaspar  
5003Sun, 10/07/201211:45 AMBrookside 2Boys U10SouthHaganSouthHowie  
5032Sun, 10/07/201211:45 AMBrookside 3Boys U10EastSpeicherEastTesoro  
5199Sun, 10/07/201211:45 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10NorthSherman 1SouthGrodotzke  
5201Sun, 10/07/201211:45 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthCiminoWestRoberts  
5089Sun, 10/07/20121:00 PMBrookside 1Boys U10EastTruxNorthConvery  
5047Sun, 10/07/20121:00 PMBrookside 2Boys U10EastFaseEastBergerman  
4988Sun, 10/07/20121:00 PMBrookside 3Boys U10NorthChandlerNorthDe Filippo  
5150Sun, 10/07/20121:00 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthWestfallSouthSherman 2  
5124Sun, 10/07/20121:00 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthPearlmanNorthDods  
5200Sun, 10/07/20122:15 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthPisterWestRobinson  
5136Sun, 10/07/20122:15 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthLangSouthPennington  
4443Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 1Girls U5Girls U5ShurgotGirls U5Sclafani  
4476Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U6Boys U6IpsenBoys U6Andrews  
4529Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U6Boys U6KramarBoys U6Grimes  
4620Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 12Girls U6Girls U6ReyesGirls U6Katz  
4598Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 13Girls U6Girls U6PollardGirls U6Beaven  
4566Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U6Girls U6GalvanGirls U6Hazelton  
4384Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5Boys U5LekoBoys U5Barber  
4575Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 3Girls U6Girls U6McCrearyGirls U6Ciericuzio  
4542Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U6Boys U6Mark MillerBoys U6Oliver  
4393Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U5Boys U5KlopertBoys U5Bonoli  
4436Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 6Girls U5Girls U5WoodyGirls U5Baldocchi  
4494Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U6Boys U6DobsonBoys U6Lee  
4423Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U5Boys U5RookeBoys U5Sirkus  
5062Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMBrookside 1Boys U10SouthHowieNorthConvery  
5066Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMBrookside 2Boys U10WestRitzSouthGaspar  
5085Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMBrookside 3Boys U10EastBergermanSouthFernandez  
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