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October 2012
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
4748Sat, 10/06/20129:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7WahlerPister  
4752Sat, 10/06/20128:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7AlexanderWithers  
4754Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7HarrisWithers  
4755Sat, 10/13/201210:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7WithersKoff  
4761Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7AlexanderRocca  
4762Sat, 10/20/20128:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7SandersAlexander  
4763Sat, 10/27/20128:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7AlexanderThomas  
4767Sat, 10/13/20129:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7MillerBelsky  
4768Sat, 10/20/201210:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7BelskyLand  
4769Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7NaftzgerBelsky  
4772Sat, 10/06/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7RoccaHarris  
4774Sat, 10/20/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7ThomasHarris  
4779Sat, 10/06/20128:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7KoffNaftzger  
4780Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7PisterKoff  
4785Sat, 10/06/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7LandMorris  
4786Sat, 10/13/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7NaftzgerLand  
4787Sat, 10/20/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7RoccaMiller  
4789Sat, 10/06/20128:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7ThomasMiller  
4790Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7MillerSanders  
4792Sat, 10/20/20128:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7PisterMorris  
4793Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7MorrisRocca  
4798Sat, 10/13/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7PisterSanders  
4807Sat, 10/06/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7ThompsonBelsky  
4808Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7HarrisThompson  
4809Sat, 10/20/20129:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7ThompsonKoff  
4810Sat, 10/27/20128:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7LandThompson  
4812Sat, 10/06/20128:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8StepenoskyTodd  
4816Sat, 10/13/201211:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8LindasTodd  
4817Sat, 10/20/201211:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8ToddDudley  
4818Sat, 10/27/20128:00 AMWestlake 2Boys U8SchechterTodd  
4824Sat, 10/06/201210:00 AMWestlake 2Boys U8LawtonCummings  
4825Sat, 10/13/20129:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8CummingsSmailes  
4826Sat, 10/20/201211:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8JohnsonCummings  
4827Sat, 10/27/20128:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8CummingsMiller  
4834Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8StepenoskySchechter  
4835Sat, 10/20/20129:00 AMWestlake 3Boys U8MarshStepenosky  
4836Sat, 10/27/201211:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8StepenoskySlosson  
4841Sat, 10/13/201210:00 AMWestlake 3Boys U8BarberLawton  
4842Sat, 10/06/201210:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8MillerBarber  
4843Sat, 10/27/201211:00 AMWestlake 3Boys U8BarberJohnson  
4844Sat, 10/20/201210:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8SchnaidBarber  
4847Sat, 10/06/20128:00 AMWestlake 2Boys U8SchnaidDudley  
4849Sat, 10/13/20128:00 AMWestlake 3Boys U8SchnaidMarsh  
4851Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8SchnaidPosarelli  
4853Sat, 10/06/20129:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8ShemtovSmith  
4855Sat, 10/20/201211:00 AMWestlake 2Boys U8ShemtovSmailes  
4857Sat, 10/13/20129:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8ShemtovMiller  
4858Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8DudleyShemtov  
4862Sat, 10/06/201210:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8LindasSlosson  
4863Sat, 10/20/201210:00 AMWestlake 3Boys U8PosarelliLindas  
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