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September 2013
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Conference Name Conference Name
6126Sat, 09/21/201311:45 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthWolkSouthLang  
6059Sat, 09/21/201311:45 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthGarciaNorthChurchill  
5771Sat, 09/21/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7Girls U7PollardGirls U7McCreary  
5733Sat, 09/21/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7Girls U7LoweryGirls U7Bitton  
5721Sat, 09/21/201312:00 PMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7Boys U7StoneBoys U7Oliver  
6153Sat, 09/21/201312:45 PMAE Wright 1 NorthBoys U12Boys U12DeFilippoBoys U12Maheswaran  
6195Sat, 09/21/201312:45 PMAE Wright 2 SouthBoys U12Boys U12PearlBoys U12Perl  
5965Sat, 09/21/20131:00 PMBrookside 1Boys U10SouthHowieSouthSohovich  
6023Sat, 09/21/20131:00 PMBrookside 2Boys U10EastSmithWestAllen  
6009Sat, 09/21/20131:00 PMBrookside 3Boys U10NorthFaseEastHaggart  
6114Sat, 09/21/20131:00 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthTagawaSouthSullivan  
6144Sat, 09/21/20131:00 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthFlaigNorthKroker  
5536Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 1Boys U6Boys U6CastroBoys U6Nicks  
5443Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U5Boys U5TomichBoys U5Nakamura  
5628Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 11Girls U6Girls U6McFaddenGirls U6Ackourey  
5470Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 12Girls U5Girls U5Jeff LandGirls U5Conn  
5481Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U5Girls U5BarraganGirls U5Berger  
5616Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 15Girls U6Girls U6WilberGirls U6Baldocchi  
5403Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5Boys U5McNeeBoys U5Lane  
5411Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 3Boys U5Boys U5MarghzarBoys U5Lanuza  
5420Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U5Boys U5KelleyBoys U5Layton  
5447Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U5Boys U5WienkenBoys U5Schlosser  
5530Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U6Boys U6SmithBoys U6Early  
5565Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U6Boys U6McCrearyBoys U6Packer  
5501Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6Boys U6BonoliBoys U6Allen  
6255Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U6Boys U6GravesBoys U6Nehdar  
5947Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMBrookside 1Boys U10NorthCassarNorthJohnson  
5971Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMBrookside 2Boys U10SouthLemanSouthChapman  
5976Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMBrookside 3Boys U10WestGasparWestWalrath  
6084Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10NorthEnochNorthShulze  
6120Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthTagawaSouthSuwara  
5742Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7Girls U7ClericuzioGirls U7Yessner  
5778Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7Girls U7McEneanyGirls U7Miller  
5732Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7Girls U7BittonGirls U7Katz  
5848Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8Boys U8HaggartBoys U8Pearl  
5927Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWestlake 2Girls U8Girls U8NaftzgerGirls U8Kanter  
5925Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWestlake 3Girls U8Girls U8SandersGirls U8Miller  
5802Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8Boys U8ChuBoys U8Emmitt  
6228Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWillow 1Girls U12Girls U12StephensGirls U12Nouzille  
6239Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWillow 2Girls U12Girls U12WiltshiteGirls U12Wilburn  
5476Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 10Girls U5Girls U5KirbyGirls U5Andrews  
5450Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U5Boys U5StevensonBoys U5Simburger  
5637Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 12Girls U6Girls U6LindasGirls U6Cracchiola  
5512Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 13Boys U6Boys U6AtkinsBoys U6Rooke  
5635Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U6Girls U6SclafaniGirls U6Modaberpour  
5463Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 2Girls U5Girls U5TaleiGirls U5Hazelton  
5550Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 3Boys U6Boys U6GalvanBoys U6Schwartz  
5560Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U6Boys U6MacleanBoys U6Velasco  
5601Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 6Girls U6Girls U6KuykendallGirls U6Stuart  
5592Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMAE Wright 7Girls U6Girls U6RackohnGirls U6Weiss  
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