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September 2013
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
5771Sat, 09/21/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7PollardMcCreary  
5742Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7ClericuzioYessner  
5705Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Boys U7OliverLind  
5710Sat, 09/28/201310:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Boys U7McNeeWalker  
5715Sat, 09/28/201311:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Boys U7MillerRuss  
5785Sat, 09/28/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7PollardMcLaughlin  
5698Sat, 09/07/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7LeeRuss  
5652Sat, 09/07/20139:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7AguirreHuber  
5782Sat, 09/07/201310:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7McLaughlinYessner  
5781Sat, 09/07/201311:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7ReyesMcEneany  
5672Sat, 09/07/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7MillerHagan  
5653Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7IpsenAguirre  
5779Sat, 09/21/20139:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7MurilloMcEneany  
5693Sat, 09/21/201310:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7IyerLee  
5670Sat, 09/21/201311:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7LindHagan  
5733Sat, 09/21/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7LoweryBitton  
5778Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7McEneanyMiller  
5662Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7BookmanSlaton  
5700Sat, 09/28/201310:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7LeeStone  
5686Sat, 09/28/201311:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7IpsenPerez  
5680Sat, 09/28/201312:00 PMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7HuberIyer  
5668Sat, 09/07/20138:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7BookmanIpsen  
5762Sat, 09/07/20139:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7MurilloKatz  
5734Sat, 09/07/201310:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7BittonMcCreary  
5749Sat, 09/07/201311:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7HazeltonMohajerani  
5722Sat, 09/07/201312:00 PMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7PerezWalker  
5677Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7WalkerHuber  
5784Sat, 09/21/20139:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7McLaughlinMohajerani  
5723Sat, 09/21/201310:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7SlatonPerez  
5753Sat, 09/21/201311:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7HazeltonReyes  
5721Sat, 09/21/201312:00 PMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7StoneOliver  
5732Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7BittonKatz  
5651Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7HaganAguirre  
5766Sat, 09/28/201310:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7McCrearyLowery  
5751Sat, 09/28/201311:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7HazeltonMurillo  
5787Sat, 09/28/201312:00 PMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7MohajeraniReyes  
5832Sat, 09/07/20138:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8RitzEmmitt  
5840Sat, 09/07/20139:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8PearlFollette  
5851Sat, 09/07/201310:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8SimburgerHaggart  
5880Sat, 09/07/201311:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8ColemanSanders  
5911Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8SandersGillman  
5849Sat, 09/21/20139:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8RitzHaggart  
5893Sat, 09/21/201310:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8DennisKanter  
5813Sat, 09/21/201311:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8EmmittClark  
5848Sat, 09/28/20138:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8HaggartPearl  
5891Sat, 09/28/20139:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8DennisRocca  
5918Sat, 09/28/201310:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8Jeff LandCollings  
5872Sat, 09/28/201311:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8VonBuck/CasserDoucette  
5902Sat, 09/07/20138:00 AMWestlake 2Girls U8RoccaDoucette  
5852Sat, 09/07/20139:00 AMWestlake 2Boys U8KeaneyTlchinsky  
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