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October 2012
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Conference Name Conference Name
4609Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 11Girls U6Girls U6GalvanGirls U6Katz  
4496Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 12Boys U6Boys U6DobsonBoys U6Mark Miller  
4591Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 13Girls U6Girls U6BalaGirls U6Reyes  
4568Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 14Girls U6Girls U6FeldmanGirls U6Hazelton  
4503Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 15Boys U6Boys U6GlynnBoys U6Grimes  
4401Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5Boys U5LekoBoys U5Harris  
4464Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 3Girls U5Girls U5MorrowGirls U5Lindas  
4470Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 4Girls U5Girls U5ShurgotGirls U5Woody  
4577Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 5Girls U6Girls U6McCrearyGirls U6Beaven  
4459Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 6Girls U5Girls U5SclafaniGirls U5Baldocchi  
4408Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U5Boys U5SchwartzBoys U5Klopert  
4478Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6Boys U6LeeBoys U6Andrews  
4524Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U6Boys U6IpsenBoys U6Oliver  
4793Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7Girls U7MorrisGirls U7Rocca  
4780Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7Girls U7PisterGirls U7Koff  
4790Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Girls U7Girls U7MillerGirls U7Sanders  
4908Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8Girls U8LeiningerGirls U8Simon  
4917Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMWestlake 2Girls U8Girls U8WolkGirls U8Didone  
4945Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMWestlake 3Girls U8Girls U8ElazarGirls U8Stephens  
4851Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8Boys U8SchnaidBoys U8Posarelli  
4713Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMYerba Buena 1Boys U7Boys U7TzourBoys U7Packer  
4643Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMYerba Buena 2Boys U7Boys U7ChalovichBoys U7Ritz  
4678Sat, 10/27/20129:00 AMYerba Buena 3Boys U7Boys U7SimburgerBoys U7Findley  
5051Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMBrookside 1Boys U10EastFaseEastSlosson  
5000Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMBrookside 2Boys U10SouthGasparSouthLamy  
4996Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMBrookside 3Boys U10SouthFernandezSouthJenkins  
5122Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10NorthColemanNorthChi  
5135Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthLangSouthSherman 2  
5396Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMWillow 1VIP BVIP BVIP BVIP BSylvester/Roetman  
5263Sat, 10/27/20129:15 AMWillow 2Girls U12NorthCojulunNorthPennington  
5342Sat, 10/27/20129:30 AMDeerhillBoys U14Boys U14EngelhardtBoys U14Moss  
5320Sat, 10/27/20129:30 AMOaks ChristianBoys U14Boys U14HasenBoys U14Newbury Park A  
5378Sat, 10/27/20129:30 AMValley ViewGirls U14Girls U14McLaughlinGirls U14Klauber Red  
4754Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7Girls U7HarrisGirls U7Withers  
4769Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Girls U7Girls U7NaftzgerGirls U7Belsky  
4639Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7Boys U7BennettBoys U7Keaney  
4951Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8Girls U8EllingtonGirls U8Rackohn  
4925Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMWestlake 2Girls U8Girls U8TagawaGirls U8Anhalt  
4957Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMWestlake 3Girls U8Girls U8DemyonGirls U8Ryan  
4858Sat, 10/27/201210:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8Boys U8DudleyBoys U8Shemtov  
5225Sat, 10/27/201210:15 AMAE Wright 1 NorthBoys U12Boys U12KearneyBoys U12Marvasti  
5207Sat, 10/27/201210:15 AMAE Wright 2 SouthBoys U12Boys U12DrummondBoys U12Sullivan  
5075Sat, 10/27/201210:30 AMBrookside 1Boys U10WestNikolajevicEastTesoro  
4983Sat, 10/27/201210:30 AMBrookside 2Boys U10NorthCassarNorthChandler  
5006Sat, 10/27/201210:30 AMBrookside 3Boys U10SouthHowieSouthHaggart  
5177Sat, 10/27/201210:30 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestRaleWestRobinson  
5101Sat, 10/27/201210:30 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthCiminoNorthSherman 1  
5295Sat, 10/27/201210:30 AMWillow 2Girls U12NorthCaputoSouthHaines  
5350Sat, 10/27/201211:00 AMOaks ChristianBoys U14Boys U14Newbury Park CBoys U14Cruz  
5369Sat, 10/27/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14Girls U14SpeicherGirls U14Bright  
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