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September 2012
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id Date Time Location Division
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Conference Name Conference Name
5087Sat, 09/29/201210:30 AMBrookside 3Boys U10EastFaseNorthCassar  
5193Sat, 09/29/201210:30 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestTeagueNorthSherman 1  
5195Sat, 09/29/201210:30 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10WestRobinsonNorthFlaig  
5260Sat, 09/29/201210:30 AMWillow 2Girls U12NorthFernandezNorthCojulun  
5313Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMDos VientosBoys U14Boys U14Newbury Park ABoys U14Newbury Park B  
5343Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMOaks ChristianBoys U14Boys U14MossBoys U14Hasen  
5364Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMValley ViewGirls U14Girls U14RaleGirls U14Klauber Blue  
4840Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMWestlake 1Boys U8Boys U8SmailesBoys U8Barber  
4958Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMWestlake 2Girls U8Girls U8LeiningerGirls U8Stephens  
4956Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMWestlake 3Girls U8Girls U8RackohnGirls U8Demyon  
4937Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMWestlake 4Girls U8Girls U8ElazarGirls U8Didone  
4679Sat, 09/29/201211:00 AMYerba Buena 2Boys U7Boys U7FindleyBoys U7Stein  
5205Sat, 09/29/201211:30 AMAE Wright 1 NorthBoys U12Boys U12DrummondBoys U12Schlatter  
5242Sat, 09/29/201211:30 AMAE Wright 2 SouthBoys U12Boys U12GodleyBoys U12Levy  
5036Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMBrookside 1Boys U10EastSpeicherEastMacKinnon  
5002Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMBrookside 2Boys U10SouthHaggartSouthHagan  
5025Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMBrookside 3Boys U10WestRitzWestNikolajevic  
5188Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthSuwaraWestGilbert  
5198Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthWestfallWestWilliams  
5289Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMWillow 1Girls U12SouthLawtonNorthCaputo  
5281Sat, 09/29/201211:45 AMWillow 2Girls U12SouthRoetmanSouthLand  
5389Sat, 09/29/201212:30 PMValley ViewGirls U14Girls U14McLaughlinGirls U14Bright  
5239Sat, 09/29/201212:45 PMAE Wright 1 NorthBoys U12Boys U12GasparBoys U12Harris  
5251Sat, 09/29/201212:45 PMAE Wright 2 SouthBoys U12Boys U12SearsBoys U12Maheswaran  
5021Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMBrookside 1Boys U10WestPerninWestMichael  
5082Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMBrookside 2Boys U10WestPearlNorthStern  
5015Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMBrookside 3Boys U10WestPerlWestMatz  
5196Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestGarciaSouthPister  
5189Sat, 09/29/20121:00 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthLangNorthPearlman  
5379Sat, 09/29/20122:00 PMValley ViewGirls U14Girls U14Klauber RedGirls U14Klauber Blue  
5187Sat, 09/29/20122:15 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10WestHainesNorthColeman  
5194Sat, 09/29/20122:15 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthKoffSouthSherman 2  
No practices found.

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 Today's Games 
Hashemi   8:00 AM
Mehta AE Wri...
Nehdar   8:00 AM
Smith Russel...
Nakamura   8:00 AM
Simburger AE Wri...
Shulze   8:00 AM
Stephens Willow 2
Taylor   8:00 AM
Plonka AE Wri...
Munden   8:00 AM
Kuykendall Russel...
Tepper   8:00 AM
Clark Brooks...
Margalit   8:00 AM
Guerrero AE Wri...
Vladimirov   8:00 AM
Russ Westla...
Lowery   8:00 AM
Samuels Westla...
Land   8:00 AM
Anderskow Willow 1
Thompson   8:00 AM
Shaw AE Wri...
Harris   8:00 AM
Rocca Brooks...
Maciel   8:00 AM
Ashby Westla...
Mohajerani   8:00 AM
Adler AE Wri...
Contreras   8:00 AM
Lind AE Wri...
Musgrove   8:00 AM
Haghighat AE Wri...
Henrich   8:00 AM
Todd AE Wri...
Lee   8:00 AM
Rosen Westla...
Graves   8:00 AM
Packer Russel...
Reyes   9:00 AM
McCreary Westla...
Berqvist   9:00 AM
Cassar AE Wri...
Crecion   9:00 AM
Varner AE Wri...
O'Keefe   9:00 AM
Banducci AE Wri...
Lane   9:00 AM
Land AE Wri...
Bookman   9:00 AM
Gale AE Wri...
Alimardani   9:00 AM
Hazelton Westla...
Deck   9:00 AM
Ackourey Russel...
Haukaas   9:00 AM
Druian AE Wri...
Sclafani   9:00 AM
Hammer Russel...
Reynolds   9:00 AM
Stone AE Wri...
Huber   9:00 AM
Ispen Westla...
Devine   9:00 AM
Layton AE Wri...
Atkins   9:00 AM
Banks Russel...
VIP   9:15 AM
Land-Anderskow Willow 1
Snow   9:15 AM
Stone Brooks...
Chu   9:15 AM
Linares Brooks...
Haggart   9:15 AM
Klausner Willow 2
Roche   9:15 AM
Tamaddon Brooks...
Casazza   10:00 AM
McLaughlin Westla...
Cummings   10:00 AM
Baldocchi Russel...
Lanuza   10:00 AM
Khatchatourian AE Wri...
Scuderi   10:00 AM
Nehdar AE Wri...
Elizondo   10:00 AM
Eisen AE Wri...
Howie   10:00 AM
Jivaj Westla...
Tomich   10:00 AM
Withers AE Wri...
Lind   10:00 AM
Oliver Westla...
Galvan   10:00 AM
Rooke Russel...
Wienken   10:00 AM
Dillard AE Wri...
Mitchell   10:00 AM
Oakes Russel...
Cibelli   10:00 AM
Munoz AE Wri...
Baker   10:00 AM
Zarie AE Wri...
Amoroso   10:00 AM
Carpenter AE Wri...
Bradbury   10:00 AM
Gonzalez AE Wri...
Schlosser   10:00 AM
Carter AE Wri...
Miller   10:00 AM
Walker Westla...
Naftzger   10:30 AM
Simon Brooks...
Pearl   10:30 AM
Todd Brooks...
Garcia   10:30 AM
Emmitt Willow 2
Kirby   10:30 AM
Anaya Willow 1
Cracchiola   11:00 AM
Tallman Russel...
MacKinnon   11:15 AM
Winningham AE Wri...
Sullivan   11:45 AM
Williams Willow 2
Enoch   11:45 AM
Mitchell Brooks...
Stephens   11:45 AM
Tagawa Brooks...
Atar   11:45 AM
Jenkins Willow 1
Simburger   11:45 AM
Saleh Brooks...
Marcarelli   12:00 PM
McFadden Russel...
Allen   12:00 PM
Bonoli Russel...
Modabepour   12:00 PM
Wilber Russel...
Perl   12:30 PM
Watters AE Wri...
Alimardani   1:00 PM
Slosson Brooks...
Mark Smith   1:00 PM
Haggart Brooks...
Allen   1:00 PM
Lawton Brooks...
Lanuza   1:00 PM
Lang Willow 1
Sullivan   1:00 PM
Van Fleet Willow 2
Pearl   1:45 PM
Carranza AE Wri...
Tolchinsky   2:15 PM
Bell Brooks...
Emmitt   2:15 PM
Stein Brooks...
Calder   2:15 PM
Doucette Brooks...
Collins   3:30 PM
Didone Brooks...
Suwara   3:30 PM
Wolk Brooks...
Dillard   3:30 PM
Graffious Brooks...