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Game Schedule
 2014 Schedule. 
Updated 9/30 at 9:00 pm.

Please note: Starting 10/5 through the end of the season, all games scheduled at Willow will be played on the lower fields at Oak Park High School. Game times and field numbers remain unchanged. 
Games that were cancelled due to heat have now been rescheduled and updated in the game schedule.

Boys and Girls U14 Game Schedules are not located below.  
Please click here----> Game Schedule only for BU14 and GU14.  It will re route you to the Area 10 E website where the information is posted.

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November 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
6256Sat, 11/15/20148:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5VarnerShaw  
6264Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U5VarnerScuderi  
6265Sat, 11/08/20149:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U5ContrerasVarner  
6273Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U5AmorosoShaw  
6274Sat, 11/08/20148:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U5ShawLind  
6278Sat, 11/15/20148:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U5ElizondoBerqvist  
6281Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U5BerqvistThompson  
6282Sat, 11/08/20148:00 AMAE Wright 3Boys U5CrecionBerqvist  
6285Sat, 11/15/201410:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5ThompsonAmoroso  
6289Sat, 11/08/20149:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U5ThompsonElizondo  
6290Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U5CassarCrecion  
6291Sat, 11/15/201410:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U5CrecionNehdar  
6298Sat, 11/15/201410:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U5EisenContreras  
6301Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAE Wright 1Boys U5LindEisen  
6302Sat, 11/08/20148:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5EisenAmoroso  
6303Sat, 11/15/20148:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U5CarpenterLind  
6315Sat, 11/08/20148:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U5CarpenterScuderi  
6316Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5ContrerasCarpenter  
6318Sat, 11/15/201410:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U5CassarScuderi  
6324Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U5ElizondoNehdar  
6325Sat, 11/08/20149:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U5NehdarCassar  
6330Sat, 11/15/20149:00 AMAE Wright 4Girls U5MusgroveBookman  
6335Sat, 11/15/20149:00 AMAE Wright 7Girls U5MargalitBradbury  
6343Sat, 11/15/20149:00 AMAE Wright 9Girls U5GuerreroGonzalez  
6346Sat, 11/15/20149:00 AMAE Wright 1Girls U5HaghighatGale  
6355Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAE Wright 10Girls U5MusgroveGuerrero  
6356Sat, 11/08/201410:00 AMAE Wright 2Girls U5HaghighatMusgrove  
6357Sat, 11/08/201410:00 AMAE Wright 3Girls U5GuerreroMargalit  
6358Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAE Wright 3Girls U5MargalitHaghighat  
6361Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMAE Wright 9Girls U5BradburyGale  
6362Sat, 11/08/20148:00 AMAE Wright 5Girls U5GonzalezBradbury  
6363Sat, 11/08/201410:00 AMAE Wright 4Girls U5GaleBookman  
6364Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMAE Wright 6Girls U5BookmanGonzalez  
6367Sat, 11/15/20148:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U6WithersDevine  
6374Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6DevineHashemi  
6375Sat, 11/08/201410:00 AMAE Wright 9Boys U6ZarieDevine  
6379Sat, 11/15/20149:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U6CarterSimburger  
6383Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U6LaytonSimburger  
6384Sat, 11/08/201410:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U6SimburgerWithers  
6392Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U6CibelliWithers  
6397Sat, 11/15/201410:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6KhatchatourianLayton  
6400Sat, 11/08/20149:00 AMAE Wright 3Boys U6LaytonTomich  
6402Sat, 11/15/20149:00 AMAE Wright 11Boys U6DillardSchlosser  
6405Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U6ZarieDillard  
6407Sat, 11/08/20149:00 AMAE Wright 7Boys U6NakamuraDillard  
6408Sat, 11/15/20148:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6TomichBaker  
6414Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAE Wright 8Boys U6TomichMehta  
6417Sat, 11/15/20148:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U6MehtaZarie  
6420Sat, 11/08/20149:00 AMAE Wright 10Boys U6BakerMehta  
6425Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAE Wright 3Boys U6WienkenSchlosser  
No practices found.

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